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Established in 2007, Suzhou Festivals & Exhibitions Group Co., Ltd. is now the key contact unit of the Ministry of Commerce and the council member of China Convention and Exhibition Society. With the approval of Suzhou Bureau of Commerce and Suzhou Convention and Exhibition Industry Association, it runs two service platforms, i.e. Suzhou Convention and Exhibition (Beijing) Promotion Center and Suzhou Convention and Exhibition One-stop Service Center. Since its establishment, the Company grows together with the vigorous development of China¡¯s convention and exhibition economy, and has become an integrated service provider, which is established in the Yangtze River Delta and radiates across the country, integrating such urban characteristic industries as large-scale conferences and exhibitions, city festivals, cultural and entertainment sports events IP and investment, operation and management of industrial parks.

The Company strives to do a good job and specialize in the planning, organization and service system construction of convention and Exhibition projects, and devotes itself to providing customers with the whole process services from industry research, positioning planning, resource empowerment, promotion and publicity to project implementation and project application. In 2018, the Company¡¯s independent IP and well-known brand exhibition projects at home and abroad entrusted to be implemented reached over 70, gaining high praise from the industry and customers.

The Company has made great achievements in the construction of public relations with the government, associations, venues and media, etc. It constantly integrates resources to improve its own service ability. Relying on the six resource platforms, the Company provides customers with one-stop services for large-scale exhibitions, development and operation of exhibition projects, integration services for convention and exhibition resources, professional buyer access construction and other multi-dimensional innovative services. Through the construction of the urban characteristic industry aggregation platform, the Company promotes the transformation and upgrading of the convention and exhibition industry.

The Company has a team of experienced, pragmatic and efficient exhibition professionals who cooperate with absolute sincerity. Based on the core values of ¡°complementarity, mutual trust, mutual benefit and mutual prosperity¡±, the Company aims to provide each customer with professional services with due diligence.

Facing the future, the Company is willing to go forward hand in hand with you, make great achievement together, and contribute all to promoting the high-quality development of China¡¯s convention and exhibition industry!